VISION: "Pursuit of Perfection"

  • To achieve academic  excellence through learning and research at the highest level.
  • To cultivate a deep appreciation of local culture and  arts.
  • To ensure physical wellness.
  • To  mainstream the marginalized.
  • To foster a holistic life by connecting academics, culture, physical wellbeing and social responsibility.

Education, in the foreseeable future, is poised to be contextually redefined in the light of technological advances, wherein the students will be able to access contents without teachers. This will effectively free education from the control of academic bureaucracy. This paradigm shift is going to change the role of two fundamental stake holders; teachers and the students. A teacher is going to be envisaged as a facilitator  and  a student will transform as a co-creator. But more importantly, both will remain engaged symbiotically to build a society, which will evolve towards perfection. Focus will be on personalized learning for students. The role of teachers will be to find the right connects with the available opportunities. Students would be encouraged to play an active part in all dimensions of life. They will be trained to strike the right balance between competing demands and the  values  they  have  been  trained  to achieve holistically.  Students  will  be  envisioned  as  system  thinkers. Higher priority will be knowledge with attitude. Students and teachers, being the dominant stakeholders, will shoulder the responsibilities equally for the implementation of such a mission.

Such a holistic assessment of education for future, unfortunately, cannot be delinked from human values.  Every planning for future must be within the prescribed ambit of individual freedom, cultural pluralism, political democracy and sustainable living. Seen in  this context, the ultimate vision would be to achieve the full potential of every student.