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I welcome you to Fakir Mohan Autonomous College. The College is a very important landmark of Balasore, a town of significant historical importance. As a town it has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms in the neighburing states. It was home to all the European colonial powers; it still has remnants of the old settlements.

The College came into existence in 1944, one of the only seven colleges to have been established in the British Odisha. Even as the College completes 75 years of its glorious existence, it continues to attract the best minds to pursue their educational goals here. That the alumni are distinguished who's who in various walks of life is a testimony of the abiding success of the College. It is not for nothing that it is said that anybody who is somebody in Odisha must be from Fakir Mohan College.

The College dedicates itself to the pursuit of excellence in consonance with the core values of morality and ethicality. When the students complete their transformative journey in the College, they become not only academically sound but also agents of social change. The College has qualified and dedicated faculty who through their praxis help the students translate their dreams into reality.

The College website provides all relevant information about the College making transparency the keystone of the administrative, academic and financial edifice of the institution.